Absence Management (1 day)

Absenteeism is costly and disruptive – not just lost business, reduced profits and missed deadlines, but also abuse by a minority demoralises those who only take genuine time off.

This workshop sets out a process and prepares managers to deliver, a firm, fair and consistent, procedure that will minimise lost time.

Topics covered:

  • Causes of absence
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Practice interviews
  • Absent management processes
  • The responsibilities of individuals and managers in managing sickness
  • How to deliver “back to work” interviews
  • Action-planning – follow-ups
  • Role play interviews

End of course objectives:

  • Understand the potential reasons for absence
  • Develop a policy and procedure to manage absence
  • Carry out an effective “back to work” counselling interview
  • Be able to action plan for improvement and follow-up with individuals