Want personal mentoring?

As you may have found, it can be tough (and lonely) at the top. It can even be tough in the middle.

Managing people is often the hardest part of the job. Managing tasks is so much easier!

If you’re a leader, at any level, you may sometimes wish you could turn to someone with more experience for support. Someone outside the organisation, who has enough understanding to be relevant. Someone who’s been there, and done that, and can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Now you can.

With decades of experience within a large corporate, a former IIP assessor, and as a business-owner, Simon knows exactly what best practice looks like. Most importantly, he knows which processes you need to follow to help you get there.

Ask Simon anything people-related, and you’ll receive useful, applicable, practical advice, mixed with the right balance of challenge and support.

Whether you need help for an individual or a whole group, you will undoubtedly benefit from Simon’s expertise in people management and IIP.