Coaching as a Management Style (1 day)

Coaching is an effective tool for managers who need to get the best from people. Based on a ‘GROW’ model, this course shows how individuals can be supported to develop their own solutions to both personal and organisational goals. It is a process that will enable people to deliver really challenging outcomes.

Aimed at both leaders and business owners with a need to move an individual forward, it is particularly useful in times of significant change.

Coaching can also be used effectively outside the manager / report relationship. For example, with people in your peer group or other parts of the organisation.

Topics covered:

  • The coaching relationship
  • Defining the ‘problem’
  • Exploring reality
  • Identifying and agreeing options
  • Agreeing actions – the way forward
  • Getting commitment to action from within
  • Identifying and dealing with potential barriers
  • Practice coaching sessions

End of course objectives:

  • Knowing when and how to adopt a coaching style
  • Identifying and exploring the real issues
  • Identifying a range of options from the coachee
  • Agreeing challenging, but realistic goals for improvement
  • Getting real commitment for action