Interviewing Foundation and Appraisal (1 day)

Formal face-to-face discussion and fact-finding are common in the workplace. In particular, they occur in selection, counselling, performance management (appraisal) and disciplinary situations.

This workshop sets out the differences between the various types of formal meetings that managers need to deliver.  It provides an understanding of how to plan, prepare and deliver them in order to reach your desired outcomes. A range of role plays are included to give delegates interview practice.

It is a must for all managers who recruit, develop and manage staff in any organisation.

Topics covered:

  • When it is appropriate to be formal
  • Deciding on the outcomes you want
  • How to plan the interview
  • Preparing and finding an appropriate venue.
  • Phrasing effective questions.
  • Fact finding and questioning styles
  • Effective listening
  • Impact of body language
  • Interview practice

End of course objectives:

  • Know when to hold a formal meeting
  • Decide on an appropriate style
  • Prepare and plan an effective interview
  • Ask the right questions
  • Action-plan effectively
  • Understand body language
  • Carry out effective interviews