Project Management (1 day)

Engaging with stakeholders, communications and common understanding of objectives are key to successful projects. The same can be said for many daily tasks in businesses where the requirements of both internal and external requirements vary.

This masterclass covers the key aspects managing major projects and links the processes to daily tasks where these apply.

It explores a very inclusive approach to planning and delivery in ‘slow to start – quick to finish’ process. It is tailored for both managers and other staff with project responsibilities.

Topics covered:

• Elements of successful projects
• Making structured proposals
• Supporting the business case
• Managing your sponsor
• Detailed planning
• Success criteria
• Risk analysis
• Stakeholder mapping
• Scheduling and progress monitoring
• Team building
• Developing and motivating individual team members.
• Communications and Team Briefing
• Managing the “doing”
• Reviewing the project.

End of course objectives:

• Understanding the principles of good project management
• Understanding the basics of sound project organisation and planning
• Making a high-level project proposal
• Identifying, measuring and evaluating against key success criteria
• Selecting, building, managing and motivating an effective project team
• Identifying the key stakeholders and understanding their needs
• Carrying out risk analysis
• Managing time efficiently and effectively
• Communicating with the team and other stakeholders