Values and Behaviours  (1 day)

All organisations have a unique culture. This is expressed in the way that people behave on a day-to-day basis and can be summed up as “the way we do things round here”.

Understanding your culture in terms of these behaviours is the basis for developing a set of core values. These need to be real and provide a summary of your culture in terms of how you treat customers, other stakeholders and each other. To be effective they must also reflect how your managers treat their people – they must be great role models of your culture.

This masterclass supports you and your people in exploring the behaviours that make up your unique culture. It provides enough output for your team to begin to identify specific behaviours that can then be used to develop into a clear list under core value headings. This will lead to clear statements that taken together describe the desired culture in terms that will enable you to sustain it.

You can use this to drive the ongoing improvements in leadership, communications, staff engagement and development in order to deliver the ambitions of your organisation.

Topics covered:

  • An understanding of why culture is fundamental
  • How core values represent a summary of the underlying behaviours
  • A review of how well your culture currently impacts upon people’s motivation
  • the development of behavioural statements that will indicate what your values look like in action for customers, other stakeholders, each other and leadership
  • the importance of the behaviours in terms of effective communications, listening, teamwork, delegation and sharing work

End of workshop objectives

  • Understand the culture in terms of shared values
  • Have a guide as to the ongoing work of developing a clear set of the behaviours that will deliver the values and support the desired culture
  • an outline plan how the behaviours will be used to support people’s development
  • an agreed process to take the values and behaviours forward
  • a strategy for communicating and getting buy-in from everyone in your organisation