Attributed to Peter Drucker, the remark ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is so true.
The first tip about nurturing the right culture overshadows everything else. All ten of these tips focus on developing a supportive culture.

  1. Work with your people to develop your culture expressed as core values and the associated behaviours.
  2. Develop corresponding leadership values and behaviours – and make sure trust is embedded.
  3. Use the values and behaviours to give feedback and guide development for everyone
  4. Listen to your employees and keep them informed
  5. Plan with your people
  6. Always encourage their ideas – in every way possible
  7. Give people clear stretch goals and constructive feedback on their performance
  8. Manage performance effectively
  9. Bring out everyone’s people’s full potential
  10. Ensure learning is effective

A more detailed list can be found on the resources page.